About Us

As entrepreneurs and busy parents to 4 teenage boys, with 1 of them having special needs, time is precious for family life, for work life and for working out. They alternated their gym time to make sure 1 was always nearby for their son. But, their professional and home life changed in 2017 when their son’s seizures went out of control. When the seizures changed, Mom’s life changed. The seizures affected the whole family. They grew tighter, emotionally stronger and learned each day is a gift. Mom had to keep going for the family and decided to get back into fitness and health, by doing online apps and YouTube from home to be nearby their son. It just was not the same. Mom often moaned and groaned to Dad after the workout, feeling she was not doing the exercises correctly, afraid of hurting herself and wanting a trainer guide her. Then, she had an ah-ha moment. With the help of her husband, the two of them embarked on their concept through their software technology company, Praxus Inc. Thus, WebFitness was born!